Aduda calls on Mwendwa to swallow pride and involve the KPL clubs to decide on the 2019/20 season fate

  • Gor Mahia CEO and Football Kenya Federation (FKF) presidential aspirant Omondi Aduda has called on FKF Nick Mwendwa to consult with Kenyan Premier League (KPL) clubs to decide on how to end the 2019/2020 season

It is understood that the KPL five-year contract with FKF that will end at the start of September but, Five days ago, FKF president Mwendwa categorically stated that they will not renew the contract and will have no business to discuss with the league managers when their term in office expires.

However, Gor Mahia CEO Aduda has now called on Mwendwa to stop applying force to solve the matter, instead convene a meeting with the clubs to decide on the way forward.

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“KPL is a company owned by 17 clubs and it’s those clubs which Mwendwa is supposed to engage, he can only engage with those clubs because those clubs are the owners of KPL, he needs to engage with the clubs to come up with a direction on how the league or which body will run the league,” Aduda said.

Aduda added that Mwendwa is not the owner of KPL and FKF is not the owner of KPL.

He further explained: “What I am saying we should stop the war of words and people should sit down and map out what to do next, it is not a contest, if FKF is not keen to renew the contract of the body that has been running the league, then he Mwendwa should sit down with members and come up with what to do next.”


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“What does he want to do? Kenyan football is not the preserve of Mwendwa; he should understand that and stop holding stakeholders at ransom,” he stated.

He insists that Kenyan football policies are clear and he understands them because he has been there long enough. He also reveals that the clubs formed themselves into that third party to run the league because of what used to happen when the league was under FKF.

“I don’t have a problem with him (Mwendwa), but it is high time people sat down to discuss the way forward because it is not within the preserve of an individual but it is about Kenyan football,” Aduda concluded.

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