Africa Games: Kenyan boxers hope to win back

“kenyan boxers hope to win back”

A prolonged period of misfortunes, bad management as well as an evident lack of talented sportsmen had an extremely adverse effect on Kenya’s boxing team. Nevertheless, they still hope to win back. The upcoming event they are going to use for this purpose will take place in August, in Morocco. So, they’re going to take part in the Africa Games. Morocco has an image of the sports country where lost glories are regained.

30 years ago at the fourth African Games (1987, Nairobi) the so-called “Hit Squad” managed to grasp all eight boxing medals. What’s more, Robert Wangila, Kenya’s welterweight boxer brought his motherland its only Olympic gold medal. He did it at the Olympic Games that took place in 1988 in Seoul.

The president of the Boxing Association of Kenya, Antony Otiento told that he relishes a thought of turning the sport into a lucrative undertaking in order to help his African country to have its lost ground regained. He added that boxing for Kenyan sportsmen should be as lucrative as athletics, football, and tennis.

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Specially for the Africa Games, Kenya has chosen a large list of boxers. The event will burst out on August 19 in Rabat, Morocco. The Kenyan national team will gather in Mombasa for a series of sparring matches and drills.

However, due to some reasons, such as the lack of professional equipment and well-prepared trainers, Kenya’s chances to dominate this kind of sport in Africa aren’t so good.

Antony Otiento added that apart from equipping their boxers, they should also let them participate in various exchange programs with some nations having a strong boxing heritage, such as Russia and Cuba. It’s going to be a strong motivation for Kenyan boxers.

Otiento complained that Kenya still doesn’t have enough skilled sportsmen to demonstrate what they achieved in 1987 at the Africa Games in Nairobi.

Africa Games: Kenyan boxers hope to win back
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