African Games: Kenya grasps its first medal

“african games: kenya takes its first medal”

At the long-awaited sports even African Games that took place on Tuesday in Morocco Kenya managed to grasp its first silver medal. The African country grabbed it having lost 2-0 to Egypt in the female beach volleyball.

Despite Kenya started the event vividly, they failed to outperform Egypt. That was a bad day for Kenyan girls. Apart from their fierce counterparts from North Africa, they also had to put up with mediocre services and receptions.

Patrick Owino, the Kenyan head trainer pointed to a number of positives in that loss. He told that despite they were eager to grasp gold, they lacked concentration in the game. Nevertheless, the silver medal earned by the girls is the evidence that they did their best for the country.

What ’s more, what the Kenyans did in Morocco happens to be an evident improvement compared to the bronze medal they took in Mozambique in 2011.

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By the way, in June, the Kenyans managed to take a bronze medal at the African Beach Game held in Cape Verde.

The coach told that they did several mistakes and were punished by Egypt. Nevertheless, the fact they gained the sliver medal proves they have the potential to go ahead.

The Kenyans started with a 2-0 victory over Gambia prior to clashing with Nigeria with the score 2-1 and defeating Benin with the score 2-0.

In addition to this, the Kenyans managed to outperform Nigeria with the score 2-1 making their way to the last four. In that group they faced off with Mozambique, defeating them with the score 2-1, and finally lost to Egypt.

Now, Kenya is eagerly looking forward to moving to another crucial step – the Olympic Games. Patrick Owino is assured that his squad is ready to gain a lost in that world contest. He told that they have a real chance since they are demonstrating an uptrend now.

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African Games: Kenya grasps its first medal

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