Amrouche’s pity for stars players may yet be the Kenya’s hope for the 2022 Qatar World Cup qualifiers

  • The former Harambee Stars coach Adel Amrouche has sensationally pity Kenya over a possible FIFA sanction on his wrongful dismissal, claimed that he does not want Kenya to miss out of the 2022 Africa World Cup qualifiers.

The Algerian-born coach is currently embroiled in a tussle with Football Kenya Federation (FKF) who was ordered by the world governing body Fifa to pay him Sh109million for alleged wrongful dismissal although FKF has maintained they don’t have money to pay the coach.

Two weeks ago, reports had it that FKF and Amrouche had reached an agreement with Fifa on how they will settle the issue but Amrouche reveals why he doesn’t want to see Kenya banned from the qualifiers.

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The Botswana  national team Coach insist he does not want to se Kenya banned because of the respect he has for Kenyan supporters and also he did not want to kill the dream of Kenyan players from playing in the World Cup final.

“I don’t want to be that person who kills the dreams of our players,” Amrouche said.

“Most of the players in the Kenyan squad are my former players and friends and it will hurt me most if they miss out on playing in the qualifiers just because my case against FKF brings the sanctions from Fifa,” he explained.


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“I also have respect for Kenyan supporters, they are good people, I enjoyed their support when I was the coach back in Kenya, I enjoyed their hospitality and will be offended to see them miss to watch and support their team during the qualifiers,” Amrouche added.

Responding on whether he has now forgiven FKF in regards to the fine, Amrouche said: “No, we are still fighting but I would not want Fifa to ban Kenya.”

He further reveals that he will meet with his lawyer regards to the issue and he will have a good answer. He continues to give hope and believed on better solution.

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“Now there is nothing happening, but I am deeply thinking about the issue, I hope it will be sorted and my players will have the chance to play in the qualifiers,” he concluded.

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