Anthony Ombok: Kenyan boxers start a new sports future for the country

“kenyan boxers start a new sports future for the country”

Anthony Ombok, the president of the Boxing Association of Kenya was greatly impressed by the great performance of the country’s boxers at the recent African Games. He told that the fact points to the upcoming dawn for the sport in the African country.

For this African country, it was the most striking performance for the last time. Shaffi Hassan Bakari grasped a silver medal in the male 52rk flyweight category. His achievement put a 12-year hard period for the country’s sport to the end. For that time, Kenya didn’t enjoy any gold or silver medals.

Aside from Bakari, the African country managed to grab four other bronze medals. These were Boniface Mogunde, Fredrick Ramogi, Elly Ajowi, and George Ouma.

There’s no doubt the recent performance at the African Games turned out to be far more successful for Kenya compared to what it demonstrated back in 2015 when two bronze medals were the only outcome of the African country. In 2015, the medals were taken by Ajowi and Nick Okoth.

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Just two months after being taking his office, Anthony Ombok had an opportunity to be pleasantly surprised by the performance of the national team at the African Games. The official associated those achievements with great teamwork and proper planning from all the stakeholders.

Ombok particularly puts a lot of value on the importance of teamwork. He stressed that when coaches, officials, and sportsmen share ideas it turns them into a high-effective mechanism.

The official added that the team was thoroughly prepared ahead of the crucial continental sports event. He added that they developed a lot of useful contacts with other sports communities at different parts of the world and always tried to face off with the most challenging rivals.

Anthony Ombok: Kenyan boxers start a new sports future for the country
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