Black Albinism – Kenya’s first football squad for albinistic players

“black albinism – kenya’s first football squad for albinistic players”

Allan Herbert, aged 24, the journalism graduate from Kenya has been living with albinism since childhood. He has never faced discrimination. Nevertheless, for all his life he had to hide from the sun.

Later an idea came to his mind to organize a football squad, dubbed Black Albinism Football Club. He considered it to be a good way to help folks with this health disorder to fight for their rights in the country. Last weekend, the squad managed to win its debut play. Herbert hopes it’s not their last win.

The squad consists of youth with this health disorder. The captain is assured that football unites people, especially if they are so specific.

In East Africa, folks with this genetic disorder have been long chased by others. They were often victims of brutal massacres because their body parts were required for witchcraft due to their unique skin color. Kenya’s senator, Isaac Mwaura has been actively fighting for the rights of those who have to live with albinism. He turns out to be the country’s only lawmaker with this disorder.

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The politician told that folks this genetic disorder suffer a lot due to the fact being black they are not black enough. They can’t be recognized white too. What’s more, they aren’t considered disabled. As follows from this, such people urgently require self-definition activities.

In their debut play, the unique football squad managed to win with the score 4-2. The players are inspired by their first outcome. They like that their everlasting fight against discrimination has proved their strength.

Herbert hopes that someday the squad will find themselves in the country’s premier league and even represent Kenya worldwide. He sees no obstacles except for some eyesight issues.

Black Albinism – Kenya’s first football squad for albinistic players
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