Doha: Kenya struggles to defend its steeplechase title

“kenya struggles to defend its steeplechase title”

At the World Championships, expected to take place in Doha from September 28 until October 6, Kenya will be struggling to have its steeplechase title retained.

The matter is that in May, Conseslus Kipruto, the current world champion from Kenya faced a recurrent foot fracture. The given trauma will make his sport activity impossible at least until September.

There were a lot of competitors on the way to his title. However, all of them failed to outclass Conseslus Kipruto. At the Diamond League series, his rivals demonstrated quite mediocre performance.

Such a tough situation with Conseslus Kipruto’s health makes Athletics Kenya officials consider an urgent non-standard solution to the issue. Well, they have admitted the possibility of inviting some retired veterans to participate in the hurdle and water race and defend Kenya’s dominance in these kinds of sport. In particular, they mean such honored sportsmen as Brimin Kipruto and Ezekiel Kemboi.

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Athletics Kenya officials are assured that those who currently represent their country in the steeplechase race, the representatives of the younger generation, can hardly become winners. It makes such a replacement absolutely inevitable because few sportsmen are able to be on a par with Conseslus Kipruto aged 24 who’s currently undergoing rehabilitation after his trauma.

No one even dares to question Kipruto’s great talent and potential to become a winner. He still remains the best in his niche, but with his injury, it’s hard to be certain about a possibility of his participance in the upcoming sports even that is so crucial for his country, as the officials pointed out.

As Michel Boeting, the sportsman’s agent informed, the doctors recommended the athlete to have enough rest and stay away from exerting pressure on the injured foot for this period.

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Doha: Kenya struggles to defend its steeplechase title
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