Ex-Mount Kenya United is kicked out of his rental apartment in Nairobi

“ex-mount kenya united is kicked out of his rental apartment in nairobi”

Melis Medo, the ex-Mount Kenya United coach has been moved out from his Nairobi rental apartment due to his inability to pay rent.

The given incident illustrates how tough challenges Kenyan football has to face. According to some sources, the US trainer’s financial position drastically worsened right after Francis Mureithi, the club owner gave him two cheques. They US trainer failed to have them cashed – they were bounced by the bank.

The America coach complained about his job in Kenya revealed in an interview. He told that it was very difficult to stay in that African country because no one from Mount Kenya United cared from him. What’s more, the owner of the football cub did dirty deeds behind his back and the cheques issued by him bounced. As a result, the US trainer had to have his costly watch sold to pay rent for at least two months.

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Then, he had to reach out Nick Mwendwa, the Football Kenya Federation president to ask him for help. The official gave him Sh15,000. It somewhat improved his difficult financial situation. Nevertheless, his rent reached its critical point and the landlord had to evict the coach from his apartment. In the end, the trainer had to get back to the United States.

Apparently, the trainer’s tough situation perfectly illustrates what’s happening to Mount Kenya United now.

Bought by a group of central Kenya entrepreneurs initially as Nakumatt and then rebranded to Mount Kenya, the squad was considered to be a very promising deal.

Unfortunately, the team’s fate became different. The squad was affected by a series of challenges and hardships. For example, the previous season the players were involved in setting up endless strikes. It’s no wonder that the squad found themselves at the bottom of the 2018/2019 Kenyan Premier League.

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Ex-Mount Kenya United is kicked out of his rental apartment in Nairobi

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