Eymael ‘Monkey’ remarks on Tanzania fans has forced Yanga SC to fire him

  • Young Africans SC (Yanga SC) Belgian Coach Luc Eymael has been fired over racist remarks allegedly made on Wednesday when he compared the country’s fans to monkeys after a frustrating draw in the domestic top-flight.

Following a 1-1 draw with Mtibwa Sugar, the 60-year-old tore into the club’s supporters, claiming they were ignorant about football and slams the conditions he had been working in since arriving in Tanzania.

“The fans can be stupid in this country. They can only shout. It’s like monkeys, you know monkeys will make monkey noise, they can only do that. They don’t know anything in soccer,” Eymael said.

The Belgian tactician continued to blast the sorry condition, expressed as “pitches for the level of 7 or 8 divisions in Europe”. He also pointed out the lack of a car, wifi, and DSTV, saying his wife is not enjoying Yanga SC, and she is disgusted, so as he.

The tactician who allegedly compared the country’s fans to monkeys also proceeded to accuse the referees of bias, asked to be released from his contract.

“You know with officiating is always against (Yanga) and favoring Simba and not giving us clear penalties, Eymael accused.

“Stuff like that is not for me. I asked them again to release me, I asked them: ‘Please let me do my last game and let me go. I prefer to go, I am not enjoying your country, You are uneducated people,” he continued.

There is no doubt Eymael’s comments were not well received by the club’s management and the experienced coach has been fired.

“Owing to those unsporting remarks, Yanga management has decided to fire Luc Eymael effective today, Monday, July 27, and will ensure he leaves the country as soon as possible,” part of the club statement claims.

The management went on and apologizes to the country’s respective authorities, Yanga SC fans and the citizens in general for the disgusting and demeaning remarks made by coach Luc Eymael.

“Yanga SC values and believes in pillars of discipline and humanity, and is against any form of racism,” the club stated.

The Belgian coach is known for speaking his mind and has a history of making controversial remarks.

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