Eymael racist row has called Safa to ban him as the veteran defends himself

  • Belgian tactician Luc Eymael maintains he has never been a racist and never will be despite being fired in Young Africans (Yanga SC) over Monkey’s controversial comments he made following a 1-1 draw with Mtibwa Sugar.

On Monday, Yanga SC fired the Belgian coach after a video of him allegedly making demeaning comments about Tanzanians and especially Timu Ya Wananchi supporters leaked to the public.

It is understood that the much-traveled Tactician slams Yanga’s condition, blast the club’s fans as arrogant who doesn’t understand soccer.

“The fans can be stupid in this country. They can only shout. It’s like monkeys, you know monkeys will make monkey noise, they can only do that. They don’t know anything in soccer,” Eymael said.

It is reported that despite losing his job over his controversial comments, the coach claimed that he has never been a racist throughout his coaching career in Africa which spans ten years and never will be.

“I am not a racist, and you know that very well. I have coached in Africa for the last ten years and my record is there to speak for itself, I have never gone to the extent of being a racist because I am not a racist,” Eymael said.


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The tactician further claims that he apologizes immediately and doest want to dwell on what happened because it already happened.

“You can see even some players from Yanga are supporting me, even those I worked with in Kenya are behind me, because they know I am not a racist, this issue has been too much for me now, and gone too far, it is even destroying my family and kids.

“I don’t want to talk anything about it anymore,” he concluded.

Meanwhile, the South Africa Football Association (Safa) has ban Eymael from any association with the South Africa football.

“Our own history‚ principles and beliefs compel us to reject racism in all its forms,” Safa said in a statement. “This conduct militates against Nelson Mandela’s understanding of the role of sport in our society that it has the power to change the world‚ power to inspire and unite people in a way that little else does,” the statement said.

Its unfortunate Eymael’s racism row comes in the wake of the global campaign of Black Lives Matter.

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