FINA delay swimming elections in Kenya

The highly-anticipated Kenya Swimming Federation elections expected to take place already next month have stumbled on a serious obstacle. They’ve been delayed. The event has been objected by FINA alongside stakeholders.

As some insiders revealed, the elections will be held later and it’s up to the stakeholders’ agreement to determine the exact date.

By the way, this year, FINA have already two times threatened to dismiss Kenya from all swimming activities in the world in case the elections don’t take place by the end of October.

According to some sources, December or November are the probable dates for the elections.

FINA’s objection to the scheduled event has been illustrated in their statement. The statement ascertained that the Fina legal department demands a number of amendments to the Compliance form to make it clearer. The organization stressed that two clauses of the document need to be changed in order to comply with the FINA regulations having to do with voting rights of Bureau members who attend the federation’s AGM.

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In addition to this, FINA added that IMC is also obliged to officially confirm that any changes of the Constitution or manipulations with the federation’s name can’t be carried out without the official consent of FINA.

The actual divergence of points of view has emerged in regard to some aspects of certain clauses as well as structures of the draft-constitution that require further consultations from within the swimming fraternity and also with FINA and CANA.

Additionally, the IMC has openly expressed its commitment to a transparent negotiating process in an attempt to come up with the adequate foundation structures for the sport to be managed effectively. A new date for the event is going to be revealed later.

FINA delay swimming elections in Kenya
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