FKF presidential candidate Shollei has blast FKF and Mwendwa for dragging SDT to ordinary courts

  • Sammy Shollei has criticized Football Kenya Federation (FKF) for dragging the Sports Disputes Tribunal (SDT) to ordinary courts saying it is not correct for FKF under Nick Mwendwa to seek redress from ordinary courts not sanctioned by Fifa.

The federation and other stakeholders through FKF Coast National Executive Committee Members Gabriel Mghendi and Lilian Nadundu filed a petition in a Mombasa court seeking to stop STD from prosecuting cases involving the federation.

The court gave orders staying any further tribunal’s action against FKF till June 29 when the case is to be mention but was moved to a later date given the suspension of court sessions in the coastal city.

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“Fifa rules are crystal clear, they do not tolerate the use of ordinary courts to resolve sports disputes. Fifa advocates for a sports arbitration process,” Shollei said.

“Luckily for us, we have a tribunal which is a creature of the Parliament of Kenya under the Sports Act 2013,” he added.

“Unfortunately, the current FKF office has ‘anonymously’ filed cases in three regional courts to block the SDT from discussing and or handling any football matters,” he criticized


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He continues to says that the tribunal has been a breath of fresh air to all stakeholders and plays a critical role in handling sports-related disputes accusing Mwendwa of arrogance and hiding under the Fifa protection.

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“Perpetuating ridicule, arrogance, impunity and contempt towards the Ministry of Sports, the Registrar of Sports and the Sports Act under the guise of Fifa’s policy of non-interference is treachery beyond measure,” the former Kenya Breweries star accused Mwendwa.

On the other hand, Mwendwa responded by defending their actions of seeking protection against SDT from the courts.

“There is what we can do and what is beyond us. If you are walking home from a football match and someone hits you with a stone, FKF cannot help. You have to go to the police,” the FKF Boss said.

He also said that he has issues with SDT, he had to seek justice from somewhere within the law.

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With the postponement of the mentioning, it remains uncertain when the issue will be solved as the race for the FKF to seat continues.

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