Gloria the next star in the athletic field

  • Gloria Mulei could be the next lady to watch out in the athletics field occasions if her current performance is to be considered.
Gloria Mulei

Mulei being the nationwide triple jump record holder competetes in triple and long jumps following her all-conquering triumphs in high school.

In her specialities, the athlete is on tenterhooks to break the African as well as the world records. Her former school, Kwanthanze Girls, is associated with producing top volleyball players in the country. The school has been ruling national as well as East Africa school championship for the last four years.

Mulei’s journey to victory has all been shaped by the social media platforms especially by YouTube. This is as a result of the country lacking the coaches for the events, she participates in. “Soon you may call me ‘You Tube Mulei’ because I sharpen my skills through You Tube,” said Mulei.

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“My target is to break the African or world record. The journey has not been easy. In the beginning, my friends used to demoralize me that field events are not marketable especially in Kenya where people value track events.  But I was determined to prove them wrong knowing that one day, my great moment in the sport will come and if IAAF will schedule qualifiers for field events, I would make it,” said Mulei.

Mulei has been brought up in a rural village, there was no one to give her support or even motivate her. Neither was there someone to compete with or coach to train and foster her aptitude.


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“Most times, I used to see how individuals jump on television and wanted to try, master and perfect it by myself. From Class 5-to-date, I have been training and perfecting the skills by myself because I don’t have a coach,” explained Mulei. Her skills have been perfected by the use of the internet the same way Yego did.

“Mostly, I watch much You Tube to perfect my steps in the jumps. After watching, I go to the ground to train for perfection. It is through You Tube that I do what I do best, without a coach. And remember this, one day if I will break the African or world record, you will call me ‘YouTube Mulei’,” insisted Mulei.

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