Gor electorate Chairman Ogoye boasts on ‘a record Five minute’ for August poll results to be known

  • The much-awaited Gor Mahia August 8 polls continue to surprise as electoral board chairman Henry Ogoye revealed that the results of the Saturday club virtually polls will take “a record five minutes” to be known.

Speaking on Tuesday after a board meeting, Ogoye confirms that voter’s education exercise will be conducted via the club’s social media platforms ahead of the polls.

Announcing a raft of measures that will ensure the exercise is fair; Ogoye said that the voter will get a unique voting access code on Friday to be used in the exercise that kicks off on Saturday from 10 am.

“We have decided to issue the code a day to the elections so as to address any issue that will arise and put to test the integrity of the whole process. We have completed coding of candidates and all the voters,” Ogoye revealed.

“Those are the two important components of the virtually held polls,” he added.

Although the codes are to be provided on Friday, the club’s electorate chairman said the link for the exercise will be provided one hour to the election time.

“I can assure you the exercise will be free and fair. It will take a record five minutes to know the results,” he assured.

The board has also warned all candidates campaigning after Thursday, said the action will be treated as ‘electoral malpractice’ and punishable by being removed from the race for the position.

Ogoye further assured the voter and candidates that he, alongside his board secretary Kennedy Mbara and branch representative Carilus Onyango are available to respond to any concerns raised on the electoral guidelines.

“A voter should not share his code because it cannot be used to vote on his behalf. The code is synchronized since it will ask for the ID number which must correspond to the Mpesa SMS.  The link will be shared on the last day,” Mbara said.

Meanwhile, the seven registered member’s petition seeking to stop the elections is still in the court, and Gor lawyer Omondi Omollo has said there is still time.

“Saturday is still far. We are still working on our case and we will be heading there anytime before the date for elections,” he concluded.

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