He’s always had issues with African players, Yaya Toure on Pep Guardiola

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Ex-Manchester City midfielder Yaya Toure has launched scathing attacks on current Man City manager Pep Guardiola on what the Ivorian hints at as ‘racial discrimination.’

Yaya, 36, was quoted in an interview on Monday accusing the former Barcelona manager of spoiling his last season at Manchester City.

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‘Pep did everything to spoil my last season. He was cruel with me,’ said Toure. ‘Do you really think he could’ve been like that with Andres Iniesta? It got to the point I asked myself if it was because of my colour. I am not the first. Other Barcelona players asked the question.

Yaya Toure’s career at Barcelona was brought to an end by Pep Guardiola. They met again at Manchester City two years ago. PHOTO| COURTESY

Toure said Guardiola’s records with African players speak for themselves and that he might have been a victim of this circumstance, again.

‘Maybe us Africans aren’t always treated the same by certain people. When you see the problems (Pep) has often had with African players, everywhere he has been, I ask myself questions. He is too intelligent to be caught. He will never admit it. But the day he picks a team with five Africans in it, I promise I will send him a cake.’

Yaya Toure’s allegations have attracted mixed reactions the world over with some saying the midfielder is being petty. Others though, believe there is some sense in what the 36-year-old is saying of Pep Guardiola.

“Get over it Toure Citeh players will never play all the games Look at poor Sane he needs to leave Citeh to stay in the German squad Anyway you are pushing it son move on,” read a post on social media. 

“No one commenting on the elephant in the room – racism – pep not picking African players – there may be some truth to this – stats can back it up,” posted another concerned fan on Facebook. 

Yaya Toure’s eight-year long career at Manchester City ended last season and is now free to sign with any club. Rumors had began going round the Premier League that he is likely to sign for Chelsea or Manchester United.

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