Injury ruins Manangoi’s plans

“injury ruins manangoi’s plans”

Even kings of nature, lions can be vulnerable from time to time. The same applies to Elijah Motonei Manangoi, Kenya’s middle distance track star. He did a lot for the sport glory of his country but also stumbled several times.

For example, in 2016, at the Rio Olympics, he was knocked down by a trauma. As a result, he failed to demonstrate his great potential.

After a while, he recovered and everything was going smoothly. The Kenyan sportsman was all geared towards going to Brazil to participated in the fierce medal race. So, he managed to finish second in the semi-final. Being a step from the finals, he suddenly had his hamstring torn and failed to timely recover for the finals.

The frustrated sportsman rushed to Facebook to express his feelings. He wrote there that notwithstanding the fact he didn’t achieve the desired outcome in the 1500m distance he still trusts in God because he’s assured that God often does unexplainable things to people but it’s all for good. He added that he’s well prepared and ready to continue to get the job done.

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The absence of the injured sportsman greatly decreased the squad’s performance. As a result, his teammates Kiprop and Cheruiyot failed to grasp a gold medal. What’s more, this time an Olympic title was acquired by Matt Centrowitz, the US sportsman.

The sportsman wrote that it’s so bad that he’s currently unable to have his 1500m title defended in Doha WC because of an ankle injury he got during training. He hopes that his fans still believe in his natural gift and it supports him.

He wrote that his trauma is very bad and he has no idea what’s happening to his body. It heavily affects his spirit since much depends on this particular part of his body and uncertainty chokes him.

Notwithstanding his bad moral state, the Kenyan sportsman still hopes to take part in the Tokyo 2020 tournament.

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Injury ruins Manangoi’s plans
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