Kenya is reportedly number three cheating Eastern country

“kenya is reportedly number three cheating eastern country”

Kenyan athletics, as well as anti-doping chiefs, considered some alarming figures that can’t be neglected. According to the data, as to biological passport offences, this African country appears to be the number three sports cheating Eastern country.

Kenyan sources ascertain that the African country has managed to provoke 41 biological passport sanctions in contrast with the outcomes demonstrated by Russia (87) and also India (42).

In his interview to Reuters, the chief executive officer of the country’s Anti-Doping Agency named Japhter Rugut told that they still have to do a lot despite their recent progress in tests, control as well as education.

Hs stressed that his country is known for having a great number of athletes, therefore merely comparing the number of sportsmen against the frequency might not provide an exact result due to the fact that the likelihood of obtaining positive outcomes is higher.

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Japhter told that in Nairobi the newly-established advanced laboratory has already opened and a slew of tests have been already carried out. Moreover, before World Championships, they are going to conduct four tests on every sportsman chosen for the tournaments.

Barnaba Korir, the member of the Athletics Kenya Executive Committee considers doping to be a world phenomenon and stressed that frequent cheating was provoked by a joint effort by the country’s anti-doping organizations to withstand it.

Due to the impressive concentration of top-notch athletes, Kenya might rank high. However, from per capita perspective, the outcome is not so bad, Barbara pointed out.

Kipchoge Keino, the Kenyan well-known athlete told that what provokes that needs to be considered first. He’s furious about the fact that some suspicious folks conduct experiments with Kenyan sportsmen, doing them a lot of harm and heavily affecting the legacy the country invested so much effort in.

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Kenya is reportedly number three cheating Eastern country

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