Kenya Morans surrender to DRC 61-82

“kenya morans surrender to drc 61-82”

At FIBA AfroCan basketball tournament that took place in Mali, Kenya Morans failed to be on a par with DRC, losing them with the score 61-82.

Tyler Okari, Kenya’s key scorer came up with an impressive outcome of up to 21 points. Unfortunately, his bright attempt didn’t appear to be sufficient to help his team to outperform DRC.

DRC dominated the first quarter with the score 29-18. However, in the second quarter, Kenya managed to offset it with the score 19-7, taking a one-point lead at halftime.

hen, in the third quarter, DRC conquered the second half gaining up to 29 points versus the opponent’s 10. In the fourth quarter, DRC became the crowned champions with the score 17-14.

Tom Wamukota and Okari found themselves in the AfroCan All-Stars first-five list. Other DRC’s prominent players included Edson Ndoniema and Jordan Sacko. Wamukota was granted the best blocker accolade, while Okari grasped the top scorers award.

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Cliff Owuor, Kenya trainer praised his squad telling that although they didn’t grasp the desired trophy but they demonstrated a good fight and their motherland can make the most of their performance, improving the sports standards in Kenya.

The trainer told that they failed to achieve the desired outcome but his boys demonstrated courage. What’s more, they finished second in the continental competition that appears to be a great achievement.

Notwithstanding losing to DCR, the Kenyan players had come up with an impressive outing suppressing Africa’s top-ranked teams to get to the final.

The underdogs tag in Group B was shaken off by Kenya. Apart from champions DRC ranked 11th, the group also accommodates Nigeria – Africa’s top nation.

Kenya is currently getting solid, gradually progressing with every play handled by them.

Kenya Morans surrender to DRC 61-82
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