Kenya’s about to finance Safari Rally

The highly anticipated Safari Rally scheduled to last for three days just to qualify for the World Championship is going to be backed by the government of Kenya. As a matter of fact, the Kenya cabinet is on the verge of allocating up to $2 million to finance that sports event.

Uhuru Kenyatta, the African country’s leader has come up with the nonstop financing of the even for the purpose of backing it after it was suspended in 2002.

As some sources informed, up to 51 foreign as well as local drivers are going to take part in the event. Additionally, the expected distance they are going to conquer amounts to up to 796.86 kilometers and of which about 262.93 kilometers will be passed in 3 days.

Karimi Kaberia, the principal secretary of the Sports Department came up with a statement that it really makes sense to pump big money in it due to the fact it’s going to back the African country’s sports prestige worldwide and stimulate sports tourism.

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Eventually, Kenya’s statesman told that the country’s cabinet has done a lot in order to ensure that the sports event is held in the proper way this year.

The sports event happens to be part of the country’s top priority, so importance can’t be understated. The organizing committee of the rally has done everything required for the upcoming event and they’re ready to move further. Karimi Kaberia told that nothing will prevent Uhuru Kenyatta to have it started on Friday.

Apparently, the World Championship is expected to take place in Australia, Asia, Europe, and South America. Additionally, if Safari Rally manages to overcome the last barrier, which is the qualifying event this year, it’s going to become part of the 14-tier series next year.

Kaberia expressed confidence that Kenya’s championship status for the next season is guaranteed.

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Kenya’s about to finance Safari Rally
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