Kenyan bowlers are expected to take part in World Championships

“kenyan bowlers are expected to take part in world championships”

Benson Kariuki, the Africa States Tournament lawn bowling champion from Kenya is all geared up towards participating in the World Championships lawn bowling. The given event is going to take place in October in Australia.

A great number of bowlers from Africa traditionally participate in the World Championship. Only those African bowlers who managed to win accolades in the corresponding disciplines are allowed to take part in the World Championship.

It’s going to be Benson Kariuki assigned to represent Kenya at the Championship in the male category. Meanwhile, Eunice Mbugua will represent this African country in the female category.

The both sportsmen boast a number of achievements in their field. For example, Benson Kariuki has already represented his country at the Atlantic championship this year. As for Eunice Mbugua, she represented her motherland in the 2014 Commonwealth Games that were held in Glasgow. At that sports event, she managed to finish fifth in the pool tournament. In addition to this, the sportswoman was recognized as the best performer at the Africa States Tournament that was held in 2017 in South Africa. She grasped a bronze medal at that sports event.

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Kariuki was seen in the squad of  five Kenyan male bowlers who represented their motherland at the AST games this year. The event ended at the Karen Country Club on Saturday. At the event, Kenya managed to conclude with a silver rating, while Benson Kariuki ended up receiving a gold medal.

In his interview to Citizen Digital, Benson Kariuki told that grasping the gold medal in the AST turned out to be a crucial stage on the way to the approaching world championships – his chance to face off with other world champions. Kariuki is proud of representing his country in the upcoming singles.

Kenyan bowlers are expected to take part in World Championships
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