Kenyan golfers will take part at International Pairs World finals

“kenyan golfers will take part at international pairs world finals”

Kenya is going to send up to 3 sets of golfers to take part at the International Pairs World Finals expected to be held on November 19-23 in Portugal.

The head of Kenya Golf Union, Anthony Murage told that the sports event is very crucial. It can help the African country to present its golfers and also raise the overall professional level of national sport.

The golfers including Sandhu. R, Bhamra Bilu, Michael Karanga, Stephen Kiaro, Edwin Murungi, James Kamenchu managed to win a nationwide qualifier contest, ending up with a ticket to the long-awaited competition in Portugal.

Anthony Murage told that it appears to be one of the greatest amateur sports events organized by the Union. He added that they’re on the verge of starting the qualifiers in 2020. The chairman also extended his thanks to sponsors for their great support and dedication.

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According to World Golf Tournaments, in 2019, the International Pairs World Finals are going to be a third consecutive contest to be held in Portugal.

The sports event is created to underpin amateur sportsmen and provide them with competition. The event is expected to become a memorable sports experience for all participants.

As for other African nations heading for the sports event in Portugal, one should note Morocco, Namibia, Nigeria, and South Africa. By the way, for Kenya, it’s going to be the first experience of taking part in the World International Pairs Tournament.

The major purpose of the International Pairs is to provide public handicap-registered golfers, amateurs, and handicap clubs with a possibility to compete at a higher level versus golfers of other nations in good tournament conditions.

By the way, Portugal’s Penina Golf Resort holds the 15th place in the Top 100 Golf Resorts in the EU.

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Kenyan golfers will take part at International Pairs World finals
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