Kenyan martial arts squad gets back from South Korea

“kenyan martial arts squad gets back from south korea”

The Kenyan national squad that participated in the World Martial Arts Mastership Tong Il Moo Do championship held in South Korea is getting back today. They demonstrated great outcomes there.

This morning, the squad of 15 sportsmen headed by Clarence Mwakio, the Kenya Tong Il Moo Do Federation President is anticipated to arrive at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport.

Kirimi Kaberia, the Sports Principal Secretary is going to receive the squad in the company of the ministry’s top officials.

As a matter of fact, the Kenyan team managed to defeat the world top counterparts. As a result, they gained the second position out of 19 participants partaking in the tournament.

It goes without saying that it’s was a difficult thing to beat the world best players. Nevertheless, they coped.

The Kenyan sportsmen managed to prove their high potential. Having finished second left behind by the Philippines they concluded their participance with up to 9 medals. Among them, there are five bronze medals, two silver medals and the same number of gold ones.

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Eventually, Kenya’s performance turned out to be an impressive improvement from the 2016 sports event. At that time, they grasped one gold medal, a pair of silver medals and up to five bronze ones.

The Kenyan sportsmen are currently focused on the Mombasa Open championship. The given event will take place in Mombasa in December. Up to 20 nations will take part in the upcoming event.

As Mwakio pointed out, his country is going to defend its title at the Mombasa sports event. The official stressed that the squad will be reinforced to come up with a stronger unit at the sports event.

Meanwhile, Join Ho Seuk, the World Tong Il Moo Do Federation President recognized Kenya as one of the most promising participants in Tong Il Moo Do.

Kenyan martial arts squad gets back from South Korea
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