Kenya’s Olympic Kits have got Kenyans by surprise

  • Nike has just released the new design of the kits which the Kenyan athletes will be wearing during the entire 2020 Tokyo Olympics games.
Kenyan Kits for Tokyo Olympics

Most of the Kenyans in the social media platform are not really happy with the new design which Nike has made for Kenya in preparation for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

The new design which has tried to compose the colors of the Kenyan flag has a chain of hexagons that are bit red and black. This does not settle well at the hands of Kenyans who love the sport.

Based on the tightened new World Athletics rules, a retail version prototype of Alphafly NEXT% footwear was released on Wednesday by the appointed Nike shoemaker.

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The new Alphafly prototype shoes were already won by Eliud Kipchoge while he was breaking the under 2-hour barrier in Vienna, Austria last October.

“For runners, records like the four-minute mile and two-hour marathon are barometers of progress. These are barriers that have tested human potential. When someone like Eliud breaks them, our collective belief about what’s possible changes,” says Tony Bignell, Nike’s vice president of Footwear Innovation.


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On the side of Kenyan athletes, Jack Waiyaki cannot fail to show his disappointment.

“Tasteless poor design. The name “KENYA” should be clearly seen and dominant. The other kit doesn’t need to be changed. It’s a well-known global “trademark” and brand that sends fear to rivals,” said Waiyaki.

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On Facebook, Mosdef Apollo also posted that the Kenyan kit does not look good at all.

Mosdef Apollo said the Kenyan kit looked ugly. “Did someone get paid for that? The laziest designer, there is no iota of creativity. Return that thing. It doesn’t befit Kenya,” said Apollo on Facebook.

As the Kenyan Athletes prepare to feature in the Tokyo Olympic games, it is important that World Athletics and Nike have a second look at the new design of the Kenyan kits.

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