Kiprop is back for the rally

  • The celebrated 1500m athlete, Asbel Kiprop has been facing doping charges since 2017. Currently, the 1,500m world champion is warming up for the motorsport after fighting the doping ban for three years.
Kiprop is back for the rally

Yesterday, Kiprop announced that he is joining the new sporting career. However, he said that his decision to join rally driving will not make him quit the 1,500m race.

“Motorsport will not affect my running career. I will return to the track next year, more energized. I have just started my motorsport training and I look forward to becoming the best rally driver,” he said.

He added: “I am a sportsman and I have trained in sports my entire life. It is all about trying. After crawling, you walk and after walking, you run and then after running, you drive.”

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Kiprop surprised many of his fans by making a decision to put athletics on hold. He won the 2008 Olympics and hopes that his victory in the athletics world will manifest itself in the rally.

Kiprop who is the world champion of 2011, 2013 and 2015 is receiving professional training from the veteran coach, Abdul Sidi who runs Abdul Sidi Rally Academy.


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Apart from the sports, Kiprop is also a police Inspector working at Kiganjo Police Training College in Nyeri.

“I have always had the interest to compete in motorsport since 2013 and I hope to shine in my new career,” Kiprop said.

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“I am even glad because of the encouragement and motivation I get from my coach.”

He said he will use the new sporting career to inspire the younger generation of athletes to diversify in sports as they seek to have new avenues to leave a mark.

“I am getting into motorsport because I want to inspire someone out there to try something new. It is about determination,” Kiprop said.

Let’s wait to see if Kiprop will be able to take rally sport to the next level as he has done on the athletics side for more than 15 years.

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