KPLC sponsorship exit has seen NLS side Nairobi Stima cancel Players and technical bench contracts

  • Sad news to the Nairobi-based National Super League (NSL) side Nairobi Stima as all the players and technical bench contracts have been after the main amid the withdrawal of Kenya Power and Lighting Company (KPLC).

In June, KPLC announced it will not be sponsoring sporting activities, hitting the Kenyan Premier League (KPL) side Western Stima, their NSL counterparts Nairobi Stima and Coast Stima were affected.

“We have received our contract termination letters effective July 1,” a senior player from the club said.

“We were told the team has no money to sustain our services and we have no option but to accept the decision and move on. We hope that we will get new teams and develop our career,” the players continued.

Club chairman Johnstone Sakwa admits it is hurting but there might be light at the end of the tunnel.

“I do not want to comment much about the contract termination and employment since that is the Human Resource Department’s work,” Sakwa said.

“However, we have a meeting lined up on the way forward. KPLC has been supporting us since 2000 and to be honest, they have helped us a lot. It is unfortunate things are happening like these,” Sakwa continued.

“The company could not sustain us, considering currently there are no games ongoing. But on Wednesday, I will have a clear way forward, for today [Monday], it is enough.”

While there is so much uncertainty with Western Stima and Nairobi Stima, Mombasa-based Coast Stima is close to unveiling its new sponsor. 

The Mombasa based side has managed to secure another investor who will be revealed soon.

“It is early to disclose our new shirt sponsors as we are in the final stages of sealing the deal before making the official announcement,” club Chairman David Opiyo said.

“We had foreseen the termination of the sponsorship and decided to move faster to avoid being caught unawares,” he said.

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