KPSSA insists on the successful conclusion of school games

  • Playing sports at any level plays a key part of the school experience as it leaves a lasting impact on a student’s life. Kenya Primary Schools Sports Association is keen on ensuring extracurricular activities are part of planned academic programs.

KPSSA aims at identifying and promoting sporting talents from the grassroots level. The body’s secretary General Mamai Etyang’ emphasized the importance of recommencing the extracurricular activities, which normally run concurrently with academic programs once schools reopen.

The Secretary-General is for the opinion that both curriculum and co-curricular activities like sports have to be in cooperated into the school program allowing students to develop holistically. He insists sporting talents should not be allowed to go to waste.

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The ministry of education CS George Magoha formed Covid-19 Education Response Committee to oversee the return of normal learning. The Committee is under the leadership of Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development chairperson Sarah Ruto to look into ways of reopening schools. 

Etyang’ acknowledges the importance of sporting activities as is keen to ensure that they put that into consideration as they plan for the congested academic calendar. He wants the committee to factor in the KPSSA appeal for the conclusion of school games. 

“Children are talented in different fields. Some are bright in academics while others are talented in different sporting fields. All of them should be considered by the ministry when planning for their congested academic calendar,” said Etyang. 


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“Sports is big business world-over and therefore few sporting talents, which are molded in schools, should be allowed to grow,” he added. 

Sara Ruto is leading the committee well and working on factoring in the request. Etyang salutes the efforts and emphasizes the role of sports promoting the national goals of education which include national unity, patriotism, and nationalism.

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