KTF is about to send certified coaches to schools

“ktf is about to send certified coaches to schools”

The Kenya Taekwondo Federation has recently come up with a statement that in September a number of coaches are going to be sent to the chosen public school just to have them properly trained.

Moreover, it has been already confirmed by the organization that the country’s national team is going to spend two weeks in Egypt. They will be intensively training there. They need to do it in order to properly prepare for the approaching African Games scheduled to take place on August 19-31 in Morocco.

The organization told that they are struggling to spot skilled folks from the country’s public schools to form a good national team. As a result, they had to have trainers sent to several educational institutions in this African country.

George Oyoo, the KTF’s General Secretary told that the trainers deployed to schools are going to be in the body’s payroll. However, before the selected trainers take the new positions, a series of extra taekwondo drills organized by the KTF should be undergone by them.

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By the way, one of such trainings has been already scheduled for this weekend. It should take place in Nairobi, at the Kenya Police Pavilion. The training is going to be carried out under the strict supervision of Aly Nour, the Egyptian Instructor. In addition to this, over 30 trainers are anticipated to come to this sports event.

In his interview to Nation Sport, George Oyoo told that taekwondo is currently facing hard times in Kenya due to reduced activity in public schools. That’s why the KTF puts much value on sending the selected coaches to corresponding training facilities to polish their skills. What’s more by simply sending coaches to local institutions the federation can save a lot of money because previously they had to send them abroad.

KTF is about to send certified coaches to schools
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