KTF is going to send trainers to schools to improve Kenyan taekwondo

“ktf is going to send trainers to schools to improve kenyan taekwondo”

The Kenya Taekwondo Federation has made up their mind to take radical measures to drastically improve the professional level of the country’s sport, in particular, taekwondo. For this purpose, the organization is going to send their coaches to schools.

George Oyoo, the General Secretary of the organization told that trainers chosen for the initiative will undergo preliminary drills before they arrive at schools.

Nairobi, the Kenya Police Pavilion happens to be the place chosen to hold this sports event. As for the instructor who is going to lead the training session, Aly Nour, the Egyptian coach has been already assigned to handle the event. What’s more, up to 30 coaches are anticipated to take part in the training session.

As George Oyoo told in this interview that the overall situation with taekwondo in Kenya keeps worsening and it can be explained by poor activity at the country’s public schools. He stressed that KTF put a lot of value on sending their trainers to professional institutions where they can improve their skills. The given move is expected to improve the situation.
Furthermore, George Oyoo hopes that the scheduled two-day drills will save the federation an enormous financial burden since sending their trainers abroad is a very costly move.

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As a matter of fact, sportsmen from the country’s national taekwondo squad will be training for two weeks in Egypt in part of the preparation move for the African Games expected to be held in Morocco soon.

Mildred Alangro, the country’s athlete grabbed the bronze medal in the under-49 kilograms category at the Olympic Games that were held in 2008 in China before losing to Dalia Contreras, the Venezuelan counterpart.

Additionally, at the same event, Kenya’s Dickson Wamwiri Wanjiku lost to Chu Mu-yen, the Chinese athlete.

KTF is going to send trainers to schools to improve Kenyan taekwondo
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