Lateness a key aspect as Mwebaze reveals what kills Ugandan stars in foreign leagues

  • The former Onduparaka FC coach Asaph Mwebaze points out some key aspects that make Ugandan players fail to make it, especially in foreign leagues.

The tactician has revealed lateness is one of the weakest areas Ugandan players must work to confront and improve if they have to realize the best in their careers.

“Arriving somewhere that is either an hour away or just five minutes, always being punctual – that’s called planning,” Mwebaze said.

“It’s a skill that many of our players think isn’t part of the game, yet the game is played on time parameters. Players arrive at any time and will always have good stories that catch the sympathy of the listener,” he added.

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Mwebaze, who has been in the coaching scene for more than two decades, pointed out that Uganda’s work ethics are questionable and have contributed to their failures at times.

“It’s about endurance, comparison, and drive. Footballers in Uganda lack the work ethic, that requires the individual to treat the job with respect it deserves,” the experienced coach stated.


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“I often challenged them with musicians and their perfectionism. Players don’t realize that they play for an audience or spectators who have paid money from their jobs for this entertainment.

“This would push them to perform with respect to the fan who is parting with hard-earned money. But with little or no hard work they fall by the wayside,” he continued.

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According to Mwebaze, the footballers’ effort regarding what they do, none would try to perfect a skill which they would always try to do during a game.

“Honestly, this is basically the same thing as work ethic. Most of the players put very little effort into the game. Skills like the penalty kick, free kick, corner kick, or any of the standard situations. At one club a player candidly told me classes were a waste of their time,” explained the coach.

Another aspect Mwebaze pointed is Body language; he said that Football is much about body language and expression, for without it most is lost.

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“I have realized that this element also lets Uganda players down at times. To be successful you need this kind of confidence that strikes a person in the first interaction,” he concluded.

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