Malkia Strikers are going to qualify for Tokyo Olympics

“malkia strikers are going to qualify for tokyo olympics”

Waithaka Kioni, the Kenya Volleyball Federation president has supported the national female squad to qualify for the upcoming 2020 Olympics event scheduled to take place in Japan notwithstanding their mediocre performance in Catania.

The Kenyan female team concluded the tournament bottom of a worn-out qualification group that also includes such European nations as the Netherlands, Belgium, and Italy.

Despite the gloomy fact that Kenya lost to all these three European squads, Shaileen Ramdoo, the coach is assured that the squad managed to learn something from that experience. Besides this, another African country, Cameroon finished bottom in their group too. Their neighbors in the group were Azerbaijan, Dominican Republic, and Brazil.

The outcomes suggest that the Kenyan female team did their best, as Waithaka Kioni pointed out. He added that they are going to discuss with the technical bench what really took place because he hoped for much better results.

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Besides this, Waithaka Kioni stressed that in the long term they are bound to pump funds in indoor arenas for matches and training. Moreover, they should have their sportsmen sent to the European Union to learn to perform better. Only on this condition, they might have a chance to overcome this everlasting crisis.

In addition to this, Shaileen Ramdoo drew attention to recent strange things occurring in the team. Some of the players tried to deprive Edith Wisa, the stay blocker of a possibility to go to Italy. Somebody stole her travel document from her bag. It happened on the same day when the sportswoman and her teammates were expected to apply for visas to go to that European country. Needless to say, that upset her too much. Despite the missing document was found after a while, by that time she was time-barred.

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Malkia Strikers are going to qualify for Tokyo Olympics

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