Muhiddin calls on FKF to renew the top-tier league managers’ contract amid reports that KPL contract won’t be renewed

  • Bandari FC technical director Twahir Muhiddin believes the top-tier managers Kenyan Premier League (KPL) Limited has done a lot in Kenyan football and deserves another contract to manage the Kenyan top-tier league.

The veteran coach believes that KPL should continue in their role. Earlier, the Football Kenya Federation (FKF) president Nicks Mwendwa boldly stated that they will not renew the KPL contract come September when their contract ends.

 “In the last 17 years, KPL has done enough to help our football grow,” Muhiddin said.

“I do not know where we would have been without them. Despite a lot of criticism, I insist football quality in the country improved under KPL’s management. They have enough experience to continue overseeing our top-flight football and all the involved parties should do is get a solution and continue working together,” he opined.

“They kept all the teams on their toes and ran the league the way it should; it has helped in our development,” the former Harambee Stars coach stated.

Muhiddin has also pointed out the impact the KPL awards have had on the players.


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“Players were always on their toes, striving to give their best on the pitch because they knew there is a reward for their efforts,” Muhiddin added. “End of the year KPL gala and monthly awards motivated players to be competitive on the pitch.” 

It is understood that FKF went ahead of KPL who insisted they have exclusive rights to decide the fate of the top tier and annul the 2019/20 KPL season owing to the Covid-19 outbreak.

Since then, there has been a tussle here and there with the two fightings over supremacy. This has created a big rift with FKF determined to take over the football control come September 24th.

Despite all this, the experienced coach believes KPL is experienced and should be allowed to manage the top tier.

“Getting rid of KPL is like starting all over again which will affect our football and players in the long run. I still believe there is room for dialogue for the interest of football,” he concluded.

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