Mwendwa awaits government clearance as football action is ready to resume

  • Football Kenya Federation (FKF) President Nick Mwendwa has confirmed that the federation is all set and ready to resume football action, waiting for the government to give the green light.

All sporting activities were halted in mid-March owing to measure imposed by the government to curb the spread of the pandemic COVID 19, to date curfew for sporting activities and social gatherings block the sports action from resumption.

After signing a new sponsor for the top tier, the FA boss now says only the curfew is blocking the action from resuming.

“We have already managed to secure sponsorship for the league that was a problem last season when SportPesa walked away and left teams struggling and now we only have the curfew on sporting activities standing on our way to start the season,” Mwendwa said.

“We are ready to help the clubs to start pre-season training and what we are now waiting for is for the government to allow sporting activities and social gatherings to return, we now have enough money to help the teams which struggled last season to plan themselves accordingly,” he continued.

He added that the federation will give out 20 balls to all the top-flight teams when training for the new season starts.

As FKF expects to take the mantle from league managers, Mwendwa further clarified how the league will be managed under the FKF.

“FKF will officially take over the running of the league from KPL, and there is nothing to discuss there, we will make sure football is run from one place, Goal Project offices and we don’t need to pay rent anymore,” Mwendwa said.

“We will also ask the clubs to form their own committees which will run the league, also come up with referees and other committees, everything is being discussed. Before the season starts, the new office will be in place,” he concluded.

As BetKing comes to rescue the financially troubled top tier with a mega-deal, the official unveiling of the partner, as well as the league logo, will have to wait till September.

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