Mwendwa: I will win the elections

  • The Football Kenya Federation (FKF) President Nick Mwendwa is confident he stands a better chance to beat his opponents no matter how many times the elections will be held.
Nick Mwendwa, FKF

The first election was dismissed by SDT due to what they said the electorate code was discriminatory and meant to lock other aspirants out. The electorate had Mwendwa as the sole contestant.

Before the March 27 planned repeat elections, SDT ruled out the FKF Executive Committee. The sports dispute tribunal said the committee was in the office illegally and could not transact its roles. When canceling the elections, the tribunal asked FIFA to form a normalization committee to carry out FKF functions including the elections, although, FIFA quashed the proposal.

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“For the avoidance of doubt even if we are going to repeat this election exercise 10 times, I will win in every round and our opponents know this for a fact. We enjoy majority support in the counties as we remained unopposed in a lot of areas of the contest,” Mwendwa said.

“In terms of football development, we really have done our job and this is evident everywhere at the grassroots level in the country. The only competition we have is going to the court and trying to convince John Ohaga (SDT chair) his actions are pushing Kenya to be banned which is not good at all. I have strained a lot to see that Kenyan football is developing and on the right track.” Mwendwa added.

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The federation chief explaining the current electorate code said, “The difference between the 2015 electoral code and the one we passed recently is only one; in the former one, presidential candidates must have been engaged in football activities for the last two preceding years while in the latter we have made it three preceding years. There is no other difference at all.”


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Despite all the two election processes being ruled out by the Sport Dispute Tribunal, Nick Mwendwa is full of confident that: come to the last approved election he will be the last man standing as the FKF president.

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