Northern Nationals: Sammy Onyango grasps Gold

“sammy onyango grasps gold”

Sammy Onyango, the vice-chairman of the National Gun Owners Association and the International Defence Pistol Association managed to grasp gold at the Northern Nationals shooting contest that was held in South Africa. The gold medal was taken in the expert category.

In addition to this, he managed to become a winner at the Hungarian Magtech Shooting Championships and also took an award in the Chairman’s Cup, grabbed two gold medals in the International and Expert.

Those achievements enable him to progress from Expert to Master in the SSP category.

Ian Van der Bank, the South African IDPA champion, who arrived in Kenya for the purpose of tutoring members of the gun owners association two months ago, managed to win the total prize.

Onyango is currently expected to face off with Van Der Bank. As a matter of fact, up to 17 Master shooters lost to Onyango on his way to glory.

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Besides this, Daniel Kyalo Mutiso of Prisons, the senior sergeant, who arrived at the shooting contest alongside Sammy Onyango, took a gold medal in the Law and Enforcement category. As for Sergent Mutiso, he finished 13th.

In this interview, Onyango told that he’s totally happy with what he did. He’s satisfied that long years of his shooting practice helped him to become a Master shooter.

Since the beginning of 2019, the Kenyan shooting team seems to have drastically grown in confidence. Perhaps, they owe this to their active participance in a number of NGAO events devoted to improving shooters’ skills.

On June 27 the Chairman’s Cup, the latest event took place at the Kirigiti Shooting Range.

Simultaneously occupying the position of the Chief Executive Officer of Triple Tap Range, the sportsman greatly contributed to the development of the Kenyan sport by conducting clinics.

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Northern Nationals: Sammy Onyango grasps Gold
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