Nyamweya has come clean to contest for FKF presidency

  • The Kenyan Football Association (FA) is set to hold fresh elections after their last two election attempts were dismissed by Sports Dispute Tribunal. The current office term has expired and they (FA) will be seeking to pick new officials.

The experienced Nyamweya has now confirmed he will be in the ballot box in the elections, which is likely to take place after the country contains the coronavirus.

“In a view of the foregoing and for the avoidance of doubt and with a true sense of humility, I Sam Nyamweya, offer myself for the candidature of the President of FKF in the soon upcoming elections once the COVID-19 is contained and upon resumption of normalcy in our activities and daily operations,” Nyamweya stated.

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“I will be unveiling my team after consultation with our sub-branch officials who have been the engine to our success hitherto, progressive branch officials, and our esteemed football clubs in KPL, NSL, Division One and Two. Clubs participating in the Women’s Premier League and all the stakeholders,” he said.

He is dedicated to bringing some major changes like the office tenure which is due to end in May as a way to stabilize the top tier.

 “I will continue consulting and engaging with the regional leaders in the nine distinct regions of FKF who have faithfully supported our shared aspirations and have been a source of strength and inspiration to my leadership now and in the past,” the former FKF president said.


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“The player’s welfare association will be a key partner in driving the agenda of football administration in the next four years and beyond. I will also be engaging with professionals and opinion leaders in the football industry and will remain committed and ready to lead FKF to great heights of development and success in the game of football,” Nyamweya added

He also accepted that human is to error but vows to liberate football in Kenya.

“In the past, I did a well-respected job of bringing football to the highest level in the world. Yes, I made mistakes, but it is human to make errors and then learn from them. That learning will increase my vigor and fairness in the future.” he concluded.

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Nyamweya termed his return to football as a second and final liberation. He also welcomed other contestants to openly vie for the top seat.

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