Obondo: Salary is on the way

  • Gor Mahia’s management has clarified the salary saga that has been confusing the players and other club members as many clubs introduce a pay-cut.
Jolawi Obondo, Gor Mahia

The club coach Jolawi Obondo stated that all monies paid out to players at this time when the club is undergoing difficult financial times will not be deducted from salaries. The Ksh 3000 was wired to players’ accounts on March 27.

The club has also announced and promised that the players will receive their full salary next week. “We club has decided not to deduct the Ksh 3,000 paid out to players and other ‘small’ monies from what is to be paid to the players next week,” Obondo said on Tuesday.

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Obondo also clarified that the amount was not part of salary as the players were made to believe, adding that the money was meant to cushion the players during this difficult period when the country is battling the coronavirus pandemic.

“The money (Sh3,000) has caused a lot of divisions at the club and is now being used by some individuals to fight the chairman. The true position is that the money was just a token to help them buy food and not a salary. This issue has caused us a lot of bashing from those opposing leadership at the club with all sorts of bad things being said,” said Obondo.

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“In the past, the club has always asked players to sign a register whenever any money paid out to them is to be deducted from their salaries at a later date,” he clarified.


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“We gave them a token of Sh10,000 after Mashemeji Derby but they were all quiet. Before, we had also been giving them something. Why then should they lament over the Sh3,000 yet it took the club chairman a lot of effort to get this money after they had asked us to find them something small?” Obondo added.

He said that they are aware of the tough circumstances the players have been undergoing. They expressed their concern amid the outbreak as a token to help players get through the hard times.

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