Ogutu has made a fortune through gambling with 3 shillings only

  • While all live football stands still, most think there are no matches to stake on but one is smiling to the bank after seizing the opportunity to stake e-sport which has now paid heavily.
Odibets, Meshack Ogutu

Call it pure coincidence or sheer luck. The truth is that Meshack Ogutu, a Kisumu based mechanic, has won a total of Sh818,496 on betting platform Odibets after staking a paltry three shillings. He predicted four corner kicks in four different matches on the firm’s e-sports platform which comprises FIFA simulated games and there he is: sh 800,000 richer.

It was a joyful day the one Ogutu could not hide his shock, joy, and excitement as he was handed his cheque by Odibets Marketing manager Aggrey Sayi in Kisumu. He says he knew of the firm through its Odi Mtaani CSR program of handing kits to grassroots football teams.

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“My team Gor Artisans was one of the beneficiaries of the Odimtaani initiative early this year and this prompted me to start betting on Odibets not knowing a big day like this will come,” Ogutu, who is also the Team Manager at the club said.

At this hard time of the pandemic Covid-19, every individual sees this as a fortune realization. Well, not everyone believes this, but the fact that Ogutu has done it is living evidence that gambling pays. There is no doubt that many will say luck and others going far to think it as a ‘Juju’.

The e-sport football matches are ‘real’ but much shorter, so you don’t have to wait for a whole 90 minutes for the match to end. The virtual matches usually take about two minutes each, but the winning value remains the same as those of actual matches and their odds.


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Ogutu has big plans as one of his live fortunes has arrived, he not only wants to expand his garage business but also extends his hand to better his team. “I want to invest the money on my garage business as well as the team I’m managing,” he concluded.

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