Oliver Ciesla: the Safari Rally lets Kenya get back to WRC

“safari rally lets kenya get back to wrc”

Oliver Ciesla, the WRC Promoter is assured that the Safari Rally offers great opportunities to its participants. The event’s calendar is going to be uncovered a bit later.

Delivering a speech in Naivasha, Ciesla pointed out that the for a long time WRC has lacked the jungle racing and the given fact gives Kenya and advantage. To be exact, it enables this African country to get back to the elite of motor rallying.

After the return of Rally Turkey to the WRC last year, FIA disclosed plans to have the calendar expanded to up to 14 rounds this year, with the long-term goal of holding 16 championship events.

12 bids for events showed up, in particular, bids for candidate events in Chile, Japan, and New Zealand. What’s more, the organizers of a number of prospective events in Estonia, Kenya, Canada, and Croatia would like to join that calendar within five years.

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A WRC candidate event – that’s what the 2019 Safari Rally is all about. Its ambitious goal is to take place once again by 2020.

Oliver Ciesla told that the WRC definitely lacks buffaloes and zebras that could greatly contribute to the creation of the unique atmosphere of the sports event, where the picturesque landscape is a crucial element. A thrilling jungle racing or something having much in common with the Safari is what would be undoubtedly welcomed by rally fans worldwide because it’s totally different from what they are used to seeing at most rally events.

From Ciesla’s point of view currently there’s nothing preventing the car racing event to be successfully held in Kenya, but it’s up to FIA to come up with a decisive statement. Moreover, he stressed that the organizers along with the Kenyan government have made impressive progress towards the ambitious return.

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Oliver Ciesla: the Safari Rally lets Kenya get back to WRC

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