Olunga is going to captain Kenya versus Uganda

“olunga is going to captain kenya versus uganda”

Due to the absence of Victor Wanyama, another player, Michael Olunga, the striker has been chosen to lead Kenya’s team out for an international friendly game versus Uganda’s Cranes on Sunday at the Moi Sports Centre Kasarani.

Apparently, Olunga turns out to be one of the most experienced sportsmen in Francis Kimanzi’s young team. That’s why he has been entrusted to lead the team at the upcoming event.

As for Victor Wanyama, he’s going to miss the event. He attempted to complete his move out of Tottenham Hotspur and failed to do that. As a result, the coach gave him a rest, while considering other options as a replacement.

In his interview, Olunga told that he’s ought to replace Wanyama because it’s his duty. He has been playing for the country’s national squad since 2015. For this time, any player has been always happy to step up to replace the absent colleague. He added that he would be happy to replace Wanyama and do his best to shoot as many goals as he can.

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By the way, Wanyama isn’t the only senior player currently unavailable for the tie. Many other senior ones are absent too.

For example, Joseph Okumu is currently busy with settling at his new Swedish club. Secondly, Johannah Omollo is missing due to a trauma. Ismail Gonzalez is unavailable due to a luggage mix up in Madrid. As for Aboud Omar, he hasn’t come at all.

The coach told that the missing players give other sportsmen an excellent opportunity to step in and show their potential. The coach stressed that it’s no problem that some major players are absent because the others can make the most of their own potential and do their best for the squad. He added that everybody in the squad is ought to do his job whatever happens to the team. That’s the only way to keep the squad fully functional under any circumstances.

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Olunga is going to captain Kenya versus Uganda

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