Recent doping claims on Kenya are dismissed

“the latest doping claims on kenya are dismissed”

Not so long ago, ZDF, the German state TV dared to accuse Kenya’s squad of doping at the Doha 2019 IAAF World Championships. However, now that damning claim has stumbled on strong resistance even before an official probe hasn’t started yet.

As a matter of fact, Athletics Kenya managed to dismiss those outrageous allegations by simply directing the German TV channel to officially disclose the names of those sportsmen reportedly injected with EPO.

AK ascertained that IAAF came up with strict regulations early in 2019 on the sportsmen’s qualifications to the World Championship in Doha. Well, all the sportsmen chosen for the major sports event met all the requirements of the Anti-Doping Association of Kenya.

AK added that the TV channel missed the letter “l” in the world “Athletics.” AK considers that misspelling to be a pure forgery in an attempt to have Athletics Kenya compromised.

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Japhter Rugut, Adak chief executive told that they’re currently unable to prove whether it’s true or not, although it’s a bad thing that such incidences are happening, in particular, against the backdrop of increased effort to back the transparent sport in the African country. He added that they would like to appeal to the German TV channel to disclose any evidence, such as footage and so on that corresponding procedures could be launched.

On Sunday, ZDF came up with footage showing a number of sportsmen reportedly injected with EPO, the performance-enhancing blood-booster. In that TV program, an unknown doctor told that officials and sportsmen from Kenya managed to sidestep testing methods to be accepted to the sports event.

The Athletics Integrity Unit is also waiting for a clear explanation on the subject from the German TV channel.

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Recent doping claims on Kenya are dismissed

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