Sabrina Simader hopes to grasp a medal at Beijing Winter Games

“sabrina simader hopes to get a medal”

Sabrina Wanjiku Simader, a skier from Kenya is assured that she has a good chance to gain a medal at the Winter Olympic Games expected to take place in 2022 in Beijing.

At the Winter Games that were held in South Korea in 2018, she was the only sports representative of her country. At that event, she gained an International Olympic Committee scholarship enabling her to train for the sports event scheduled for November. That’s a chance for her to speed up her preparation for the approaching Winter Olympics expected to be held in China’s capital.

Being the second-ever winter Olympian from this African country after Paul Boit, Sabrina hopes that clinching a podium finish in China can be real for her. The sportswoman told that she’s all geared up towards taking part in the Super Giant Slalom race at the Beijing Winter Olympic Games and her preparations for this are going well. However, she has to ask her country’s government to back new sports talent because what she’s doing is too costly in Kenya. For example, at the end of the previous year, Sabrina couldn’t afford working with her manager any longer due to the high cost.

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The sportswoman trains with the Austria national team. In 2018, she missed out on the medal podium by 5 seconds. Sabrina hopes to perform well at the 2020 World Championships.

Making the World Cup points under the top 30 is her current objective. Sabrina dreams of the Winter Games in Kenya, although her country doesn’t have the required conditions for this kind of sport.

The very fact of getting a confirmation for the scholarship helped her to get into the proper shape. Such a powerful encouragement boosted her preparations for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.

Despite the lack of funds, Kenyan officials hope to organize the national winter sports team based on Simander’s experience.

“sabrina simader hopes to get a medal”
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