Shikanda denies consent on Ekhalie plan to modify AFC to AFC leopards Holdings

  • AFC Leopards chairman Dan Shikanda has blasted the former Chief Executive Officer Richard Ekhalie for advancing on his idea of modifying the Club to AFC leopards Holdings without his consent.
AFC Leopards, Dan Shikanda
Dan Shikanda (AFC Leopards Chairman)

Shikanda said his office had not consented to the scheme and warned the members against investing in the unsanctioned AFC Leopards Holdings that is meant for Ekhalies self-gain. 

However, Shikanda has pointed accusing finger on Ekhalie that he wants to modify the club to a limited company without the club’s executive committee and member’s blessing. 

According to Shikanda, the idea is championed by Ekhalie with not consent from his office. AFC Leopards Holdings intends to transform the club’s branches into subsidiary companies.

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“The person behind the AFC Leopards Holdings train has been the club’s CEO for two terms and did not achieve much during his tenure. I want to warn our members against supporting his ideas for they stand to lose. He did not approach my office before launching it either have we endorsed it. His agenda is to destabilize and disfranchise the club but we will not accept that to happen,” claimed Shikanda. 

Shikanda accused the former administrator of using the club’s name and brand for his commercial gains.  He also blasts the Ekhalie on using the club’s name and brand yet he is not an elected executive.


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“It is unacceptable and against the laws to use the club’s name and brand for selfish gains,” said the former Kenyan international

Ekhalie in a rejoinder claimed that Shikanda was dishonest as he had shared the blueprint with his office.

“Transforming the club from a society to a limited company is something I have been envisaging for quite some time. I will present the proposal to our members in June this year. This will help us mobilize money from the fans who will be our shareholders. I think Shikanda is being dishonest when he alleges that I did not approach and discuss the way forward with him. He said the plans were good but it will be upon the members to either endorse it or object it,” Ekhalie said.

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Shikanda conceded that his office was keen to seek legal intervention and stop Ekhalie from minting millions from unsuspecting members who may be enticed to invest in the unapproved venture.

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