Sofapaka appoint Divaldo Alves their new coach

“sofapaka appoint divaldo alves their new coach”

The Kenyan football team, Sofapaka that were the 2009 Premier League champions have already obtained a new trainer. It’s Divaldo Alves, whose birthplace is Angola. Some sources revealed that the new trainer will work with the squad for the period of their recovery that should take a year.

On Wednesday, he arrived in Kenya. The coach was present at the final half-hour of the squad’s drill that was held on Thursday at the Eastleigh High School. Moreover, on Friday, he’s expected to watch the squad’s friendly play versus Naivas prior to officially taking his post next week.

The newly-appointed coach told that he’s glad to be there. He confessed that Sofapaka appear to be the first African squad he’s going to coach. However, he has already completed a number of clinics in Africa, including Algeria, Angola, and South Africa. Divaldo Alves added that he’s ready to handle a new challenge and hopes that his 27-year coaching experience will help him to cope with this task.

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Divaldo Alves spent most of his life in Portugal. In that country, at the age of seventeen, Divaldo Alves played for Sporting Lisbon. However, he had to cease his career as a football player due to a knee trauma.

The coach also worked in Lithuania, Oman, Malaysia as well as Indonesia. He last worked in Oman, coaching Muscat Club in 2015-2018.
He told that he’s impressed by their skills in general. However, he noticed a number of glitches that need to be fixed. Divaldo Alves stressed that he’s an attacking trainer and that’s the kind of football he expects from the assigned team.

He added that he’s aware of the fact that they haven’t been the league winners since 2009 and they haven’t grasped a trophy since 2014 but he’s ready to work hard to change the situation for the better.

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Elly Kalekwa, Sofapaka’s head is assured that the new trainer will get along the squad and bring long-awaited positive outcomes.

Sofapaka appoint Divaldo Alves their new coach

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