Sofapaka striker Okoth blasts Wazito FC boss on his controversial comment demanding respect on players

  • Ronald Okoth, Sofapaka striker has demanded Kenyan players be shown some more respect after Wazito FC owner Ricardo Badoer’s “hyenas” comments, says the uncalled-for statements should be condemned in the strongest way possible.

Badoer, Wazito’s boss made the comments as the club released players whom he said did not have a love for the game and signed without his approval.

According to Okoth, the comments showed a lack of respect for the players and he went ahead to state the comments were surely uncalled.

“No matter how much money I’ll ever invest in our local football or my own club, there’s no day I’ll ever sack my own players and then go ahead and call them all sorts of demeaning names like ‘hyenas/good for nothing/sellouts’” Okoth wrote on his Twitter.

Okoth continues to say one-day local professionals will be respected and situations will improve. He recalled Malcolm Glazer (Manchester United owner) calling Romelu Lukaku a hyena, good for nothing sellout who belongs to the streets.

“Those uncalled for statements should be condemned with the strongest terms possible. Unacceptable, demeaning, despicable and disrespectful,” Okoth emphasizes.


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“Even if it is investing in our football it shouldn’t be at the expense of demeaning people who are actually supposed to be referred to as professionals,” he added.

“We can treat our own players better.”

The 2013 Kenyan Premier League winner wondered where in the world is it guarantees for a player to be called a hyena that belongs to the streets because they didn’t perform according to the club’s expectations.

The former Mathare United star said that what worsens the situation is that they carry all sorts of false allegations that will dog them in their careers.

“We can’t be kept at ransom because of money. Respect is worth much more than money. That excessively loose tongue is what needs to be tamed,” he stated.

“Results are achieved with time, for one to get a return on their investments they have to be patient unless this is EPL where investors want instant results. Look at our local football setting and dynamics, it doesn’t favor instant success,” he pointed.

Coach Stewart Hall’s exit of Wazito was followed by the sacking of 11 players and exit of Irish Video analyst.

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