The ultimate guide to betting on France vs Belgium

The Fifa World Cup enters semi-final stage with two matches set for Tuesday and Wednesday nights. The two matches pit four teams in an-all European battle of wits and desire.

France are the favorite candidates among the list of potential champions after the unceremonious exits of Germany, Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay.

But the Les Bleus will have to battle it against a spirited Belgian side that has cruised through to the semis with arguably the best football showdown among the contingent.

Bookies across the world have tipped France to carry the day, given a smaller margin above Belgian and the rest of the pack. Perhaps due to their experience at World Cup stage and the fact that the rest of the teams have been nothing dark horses.

So how do you bet and make money of this fixture? Here are four different ways to bank on it and profit from your wager, according to Kenya’s leading betting tips website Odds Today. 

  • Large stake on over 1.5 goals to be scored at regular time at odds of 1.30

  • Medium stake on over 2.5 goals at odds of 2.00

  • Large stake on both teams to score at odds of 1.75

  • Small stake on Belgium to win at regular time at odds of 3.09

Please note to place the bets separately for maximum returns.


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