U20 Rugby Trophy opener: Kenya will face off with Uruguay

“kenya will face off with uruguay”

Tomorrow Kenya’s rugby team Chipu is going to have its World Rugby Under-20 Trophy championship marathon started. At the Sao Jose dos Campos, Brazil, they will face off with Uruguay.

It has been already reported by some independent sources that on June 14 the Kenyan team is about to handle hosts Brazil. Then three days after that they are going to take on Japanese counterparts. It should be noted that the given rugby match is going to decide whether the Kenyan team really deserves the right to grasp an honorable place in the World Rugby (2020) or not.

Previously, the Kenyan team had to undergo a series of painful financial hardships in their fierce and dynamic marathon towards their ambitious goal – a possibility to take part in the championship. Now they’re taking part at the contest for the second since 2009 exactly when they had it hosted in Nairobi.

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Since this African country’s flag is going to be flown by the sportsmen under 20, Kenya Lionesses and Kenya Simbas are going to find themselves on the pitch flying the country’s pennant across East Africa. In addition to this, the two have made up their mind to participate in the Elgon 7s Cup return matches scheduled to be held in Uganda.

According to some sources, Paul Odera, the Kenya 15s coach who simultaneously executes duties of the Chipu trainer will be absent on the touchline exactly when at the Elgon Cup grudge play the Simbas take on Uganda. By the way, Thomas Odundo, the Kenya Rugby Union Director of Rugby as well as Albertus Van Buuren, the assistant coach are going to act as the stewards of the squad in Uganda’s capital.

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Besides this, Paul Odera is on the verge of coming to Brazil with the aim of taking part in the World Junior Championship for sportsmen under the age of 20.

U20 Rugby Trophy opener: Kenya will face off with Uruguay
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