Ugandan Coach McKinstry has noted that giving Coaches time has transformed African football to adopt a commanding style

  • Uganda coach Johnathan McKinstry has lauded local FAs for giving coaches time to introduce and perfect a certain style of play and is impressed with the recent tactical developments witnessed in African teams.

The 34-year-old revealed that most national teams on the continent have started to command a certain style of play, as a result of the consistency in the technical bench.

“I definitely feel now in more recent years, you have started to see teams develop a lot more tactically,” McKinstry said.

“Yes, there have been foreign coaches, but there have also been great African coaches who have come into the likes of Senegal, Nigeria, Ghana and even DR Congo with Florent Ibenge,” he stated

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McKinstry, the Northern Irish coach also lauded the teams who give the coaches longer contracts, which he feels is vital for teams to progress.

“They have really started to develop a style, it is because they have given coaches time – it is not just one or two years. These are guys who have been in their roles for four or five years that have been able to develop tactically,” he continued. 


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He wondered that although coaches have stayed, there are still some nations who give coaches game-by-game contracts that make it difficult for a coach to develop a playing style because he knows that if he loses a game, he doesn’t have any security.

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The youthful tactician believes the quality at the Africa Cup of Nations reflects the developments made and not the World Cup, held after every four years.

“I know 2010 World Cup was a big selling point at the time in the corridors for Fifa etc but am not sure that the World Cup had any tangible benefit to football in say, Sierra Leone, for example,” he claimed.

“If you asked people their general opinion of the Africa cup of nations 10 or 15 years ago, they would have said; Individuals, exciting lots of goals, quite poor defending. There were really exciting football and really talented players but the joy of watching the Africa Cup of Nations 15 years ago was for those individual moments,” he concluded. 

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