Wanangwe has urged the new management to retain last year’s Hockey Olympic qualifiers team

  • Davis Wanangwe, Sikh Union striker has urged incoming national team head coach Fidelis Kimanzi and assistant coach Michael Malungu to maintain the bulk of the current team that played at the Olympic qualifiers last year.
Wanangwe has urged the new management to retain last year’s Hockey Olympic qualifiers team

The three-time Premier League title winner, twice with Strathmore and once with his current club (Sikh Union) observed that the current team is naturally-talented and has the potential to succeed.

The 29-year old Davis, a brother to Butali Warriors attacker Frank Wanangwe, has been the top scorer on three different occasions though he retired from international in 2014 because of a knee injury that had kept him out for a whole season

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“Compared to my days in the national team, I think the current generation is more talented and more agile,” Wanangwe said.

“The team is young and can only get better. With the addition of some experienced players to ensure stability and mental toughness, the team can go places. People have different ideas though but I feel this is the direction that should be taken,” he continued.

The six goals 2011 African Cup of Nations Kenya’s top scorer Wanangwe reckons that the project started by former coach, Meshack Senge, should be allowed to thrive.


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Meanwhile, Wanangwe explains his injuries woes. Trouble started in 2011 when he started feeling sharp pains on his left knee whenever he ran and it was not until 2014 when he went under the knife.

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The forward who took a six-month break in 2018 with the same problem said that he feels better now although he has rested since October last year. 

“The way hockey is played, with a lot of bending, could probably be the cause. Before surgery, I couldn’t change direction during training or in a match due to the pain. Knee problems are common in the game and players to have had to live with them. I still have a few years to play before retiring,” the 29-year-old concluded

Despite being named in February, the new regime yet to accept the offer and Wanangwe feels there is a need for the duo to retain the squad for the betterment of the hockey fraternity.

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