Wanjiru: I have always stood for clean and fair sport

  • With Over 40 Kenyan athletes being suspended by both AIU and Anti-Doping Agency of Kenya (Adak) in the last one year, Athletics Kenya warned in September last year that more Kenyan athletes could fall to Athletes Biological Passport (ABP) discrepancy.
Daniel Wanjiru

Daniel Wanjiru, the 2017 London Marathon champion is the latest athlete to be suspended. He has strongly denied committing any doping offense saying he has always competed clean and stood for a clean and fair sport.

Wanjiru said that the Athlete Biological Passport (ABP) finding is confusing and frustrating him as his management Volare Sports also defended the long-distance runner from the doping accusations.

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Athletes Integrity Unit (AIU) on Tuesday provisionally suspended Wanjiru with immediate effect for an Athlete’s Biological Passport violation under the World Athletics Anti-Doping Rules.

“Specialists have informed me about how this can happen and I have come to realize there can be hundreds of reasons found why HB (hemoglobin) is fluctuating,” said Wanjiru in his statement.

 “It’s very painful what’s happening to me now. I’ve always believed that those athletes who are suspended because of a doping violation, were indeed guilty of what they did,” Wanjiru said.


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Adding that he has realized that in the long run, it will be difficult to prove himself innocent when he has already been judged to be guilty. Wanjiru said he felt that he had already been crucified as a ‘sinner of doping’ without having defended himself yet he is innocent.

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“I have never doped. We are currently investigating the case. Knowing I have never used anything illegal, I have faith everything will be all right,” said Wanjiru.

Volare Sports acknowledged having received a notice of the charge and provisional suspension regarding an alleged anti-doping rule violation on Wanjiru on Friday but insisted that no prohibited substance was found in their athlete’s body.

“The accusation is based on an assumption and as management; we regret this case is happening. We are already trying to get to the bottom of this to find the truth,” said Volare Sports.

Yet again Kenyans expect the list to continue as the doping saga never ends.

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