Wanyama Roya Charity Cup is going to contribute to the development of sport in Kenya

“wanyama roya charity cup will back sport in kenya”

William Ruto, the Deputy President has openly expressed his willingness to back the Wanyama Roya Charity Cup initiative first announced by the Harambee Stars captain, Victor Wanyama. Well, there’s no doubt it’s good news for those sincerely interested in the development of sport in Kenya.

The Deputy President drew attention to the significance of the Roya Charity Cup. The statesman added that it’s going to be especially helpful when it comes to identifying more talent in the Kenyan youth. It will also have the sports community in Kenya cemented.

The Kenyan statesman posted on his Facebook page that the government underpins efforts aimed at promoting scouting for sporting talent. The country’s cabinet backs everything that helps young sportsmen to polish their skills and discover their true potential regardless of their gender and status. He added that the government puts a lot of value on the strengthening of the sports industry via intense resource mobilization as well as infrastructure development because it will help youth to succeed in sport and earn make good money.

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As a matter of fact, the Wanyama Roya Charity Cup was started in June 2018. The key objective of the ambitious project is to assist in identifying budding sportsmen. The project is also expected to help the country’s youth to realize the whole significance of a healthy lifestyle as well as education. The project should also serve as a guide when it comes to developing their sports careers.

The final objective of the crucial social project supported by the Kenyan government is to ensure the complete rehabilitation of ex-football players who for some reasons had to live in bad conditions after leaving professional football.

wanyama roya charity cup will back sport in kenya
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